SOLD – For Sale or Trade Palomar 300a 40m-20m-15m-10m 450 watt amplifier

This amp has been sold. Thanks for looking!



Palomar 300a 40m-20m-15m-10m 450 watt amplifier.

Great for use with QRP rig (817, flex 1500, other low drive radios) or a normal 100w rig.

Has High and low settings. For QRP rig select Hi Pwr setting and 2 drivers are activated allowing the amplifier to be operated up to 450 watts with as little as 1 watt drive. This setting allows 1-10 watt keying. Do not drive with more than 10 Watts in this position.

Low power setting you use up to 100 w drive from the radio. During testing I found that around 40-45 watts in will produce 400+ watts easily.

Those two switch labels (hi/low)should be reversed in my mind, but oh well. That was the design.

The tubes are 6x 6LF6's in a grounded grid configuration. Two drivers and four finals. Drivers switched out during normal (up to 100w drive) operation. Power supply inside the amp and the transformer is in a separate box and connects via a cable.

The transformer box is dinged up some but the amplifier case is in very good condition. Some very very light discoloration on the top that is not noticeable unless you look very close.

I took a lot of pictures. See below:


Palomar 300A 40m-10m Amplifier. 6x 6LF6 tubes. Pretty clean inside and out.

Asking $350 Shipped or Trade. Will ship via USPS Priority, UPS or FEDEX. Payment via USPS Money Order, Personal Check, Cash, or online invoice for secure Credit/Debit via my commercial account.

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