SOLD – Icom IC R-7000 Receiver + IC-EX-310 Voice Synthesizer

ICOM R7000 For SaleICOM R7000 For Sale

This item has sold and shipped. (12-31-2015)

For sale is an Icom IC R-7000 Receiver, IC-EX-310 Voice Synthesizer, HF Upconverter, and Pan Adapter. Coverage is  25MHz to 999MHz and 1025MHz-1999MHz. (plus DC to 25MHz with included upconverter!) This receiver also has the Icom IC-EX-310 Voice Synthesizer installed and working well.

This radio is in very good cosmetic condition and excellent operating condition. The DC to DC board has recently been recapped. An external fan has been added to help cool the radio, and the 10.7MHz IF has been ported to the spare jack on the rear of the radio for use with the included RTLSDR RT820T2 as a Pan Adapter.

I have used this receiver to monitor everything from 80m-12m (with upconverter), 10m & 6m SSB to commercial and military aircraft, 2m SSB, FM, + ISS etc, Public service band(police/fire/ems/National Weather Service), US Fleetcom (aka UHF SATCOMM) sats 245-270MHz, 432MHz ssb, 435MHz ham sats, other various VHF/UHF satellites, ~927MHZ pagers, ADS-B at 1090MHz, Used it to test my 23cm Transverter, various L-Band sats including Inmarsat STD-C at 1.54GHz, Iridium, and more.

This radio has a lot of capability and is a favorite of deep space and amateur astronomy hobbyists for its sensitivity.

What you get:
Icom IC R-7000 w/installed IC-EX-310 Voice Synthesizer
Pan Adapter RTL-SDR RT820T2 – Latest available and most sensitive RTL-SDR USB Dongle
Homebrew HF UPconverter – Listen to/see all your favourite HF bands

I'm selling this and other items/radios in the shack so I can purchase some SDR goodies and a more modern main rig. (I'm a sucker for little screens)

Asking $425.00 O.B.O. + Shipping To Your Location (Prefer lower 48 but may make exceptions depending on circumstances)

(will negotiate on price and might trade for right deal – send me info of your trade items)

US Postal Money Order, or BitCoin. Sorry No Paypal. Shipped via USPS or UPS. Everything will be double boxed, insured, tracking number included. 

Contact: chris at


Here are several pics of my ICOM R7000:

ICOM R7000 For Sale

ICOM R7000 For Sale

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73's and Thanks for looking!

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Chris - KD0CQ (formerly KB0TLW) has held an amateur (ham) radio license since 1994 and is stubbornly grasping onto his Advanced class operator status. His professional experience includes Network and Systems Administrator, Network Security, and Electronics Engineer. Sometimes even a little bit of web development. mail: chris at kd0cq dot com

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