Downconverter Stock Has Arrived! New Details and What You’ll Get

UPDATE: You can order your downconverter now @ 

Hey All,

Some updates and details of what you will receive when you buy one of my CQ Microwave Downconverters (CQMD for short). Gotta name it something… 

I've just received my initial stock of Sup-2400 REV 3's and modification will begin immediately. I have around 125 on hand and more ready when I need them. 

  • The initial offering will include a fully modified and tested CQMD, an F female to SMA male adapter for easy connection to your SDR of choice, and a wired 9v battery pigtail for easily powering your device without a Bias-Tee. 
  • If your SDR has an MCX connector (some NooElec dongles and other brands use this) instead of SMA I have some MCX to SMA female adapters in stock. This will be included free of charge upon request when purchasing a CQMD, saving you from spending $5 elsewhere. Please don't ask for one if you don't need it. I have limited number to give away.

Depending on demand there may be a short waiting list until I get things up to speed.

In the near future I will be offering a very affordable PCB Vivaldi antenna to use along with your CQMD. A Vivaldi is a wide band antenna that operates with some pretty decent gain for its small size. For example, I've used them to RX Inmarsat AERO signals without an LNA inline. The antennas I'll be offering should easily cover the range of a RTLSDR with an attached CQMD. Plans are to offer them in the $10-$20 price range.

Power supply choices: I'm working to get 12v 1A wall-wart style power supplies and barrel pigtails in stock. At current prices I should be able to offer that add-on for around $5.00. That looks to be a couple weeks to a month out before they're in stock. 

I'll also be offering a Bias Tee for those who want to power their CQMD remotely, but this is likely a month or two out. Some other great ideas in the works but let's get this off the ground first. I'll have an order page up this weekend to get things rolling. Thinking of using my domain to sell these on so things don't get jumbled and lost among my blog posts.

I'll be creating a video or two and writing some directions/tutorial on how to use your new CQMD as well.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or anything else feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email.

Thanks & 73


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Chris - KD0CQ (formerly KB0TLW) has held an amateur (ham) radio license since 1994 and is stubbornly grasping onto his Advanced class operator status. His professional experience includes Network and Systems Administrator, Network Security, and Electronics Engineer. Sometimes even a little bit of web development. mail: chris at kd0cq dot com

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  1. Certainly I would be interested in acquiring a CQMD. Yesterday was my 65th birthday and I can’t think of a better present to give myself 🙂
    Drop me a note and let me know how I can send payment. When you get to the Vivaldi and the Bias T that would be of interest as well.
    Chris VE7TOP

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